what's on the outside: a tour of our new packs

The eagle eyed honey lovers among you will soon start to notice our new boxes and jars. Truth is, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to meet some stringent extra standards. All part of making sure people can really trust that our high MGO rated Mānuka honey is exactly what we say on the jar.

The True Honey Co. is now a member of the UMF Honey Association. UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor – a grading system to measure natural markers found in Mānuka honey, which is also a mark of its quality and purity.

You’ll now see our honey carries the UMF symbol, which is a hexagon holding a number with a plus sign next to it. The UMF symbol tells you about the unique signature compounds characteristic of this honey , including the key markers Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO). We still use the MGO rating number on the jar too, because MGO is a very important compound when measuring Mānuka honey’s ‘horsepower’.

Mānuka honey is made by industrious honeybees from the nectar of the flower of Leptospermum scoparium – a fancy Latin way to say Mānuka – a scrubby flowering tree indigenous to New Zealand. This special nectar gives Mānuka honey some unique properties that other honeys don’t.

The True Honey Co. holds a NZ Fernmark license from AsureQuality to signify country of origin. So when you see the fern symbol, it’s your guarantee that our Mānuka honey has been produced and processed in New Zealand.

We’re also part of the AsureQuality AQ Assured Transparency Programme. It’s an independent audit of  traceability and transparency on every step of our supply chain that your honey took on its journey from bee to you.

In November 2018, The True Honey Co. launched in China as part of the HUI Māori Collective, which has verified its members’ food and beverage products with the FernMark as a coalition – a promise of authentic, top notch New Zealand brands.

Rest assured, honey lovers. What’s on the outside may have received somewhat of a makeover. But what’s on the inside of our jars is the same deliciously good, authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey with nothing to hide.